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From: Andy E
Subject: Cole and NIce (M/M) CelebrityThis is a work of fiction and I do not know the true sexuality of the
characters in this story.It was the middle of summer, when most kids are on school break, relaxing in a
pool or doing something fun. However, Cole Sprouse was stuck on set in the hot
L.A. heat. The cast was on break and the Sprouse twins went outside to play a
game of basketball with the rest of the cast.”Twins verus the rest of us,” said Debby. “Twins are skins, gotta keep track of
the teams somehow.”Cole, who had nothing to hide, wasted no time stripping his shirt off, revealing
a nice body, slim but with some muscles. He had a small outline of abs and a
v-line that stopped at the top of his basketball shorts. Dylan slowly took his
shirt off, not completely shy to show off his body, which was not much compared
to his younger brother.The game started and the twins were starting to pull ahead when a car pulled
into the parking lot where the game was being played.”Guys, the Jonas Brothers are here,” Cole said.They stopped Lolitas Dark Portal playing and watched as Nick and Joe stepped out of the car.”Kevin’s off with his wife, he’ll be here later,” Joe said.”Cool, we have some time until we have to be on Lolitas Dark Portal the set. Need help to find your
rooms?” Cole asked.”Yeah, I’ll take you up on that offer, said Nick.The two walked back into the cool building and Cole walked Nick to his room.”Hey, you can come in and chill if you wanna man, you look a little hot,” said
Nick.Cole sat down on the couch in the dressing room and Nick shut the door and
turned on the ceiling fan.”Fuck, it’s hot out there, man,” Nick said while putting his bags down.”Yeah, tell me about it. I’m shirtless and I’m dieing. Fuck, I’d get naked and
lay under the air vent right now if I could,” Cole said laughing.”Well, don’t let me stop you,” Nick added before starting to laugh.Nick opened his bag and pulled out a pair of shorts and turned around.”I gotta change before I die. Not only do I need to let me cock breathe, but
it’s fucking hot in these skinny jeans,” Nick said.Cole leaned back and shut his eyes, wanting to watch the teen star change, but
at the same time didn’t want him to know he thought he was cute. At the same
time Nick was wishing Cole would keep his eyes open so he could see he was semi.Nick pulled his pants off and threw them on the floor. Cole waited a few seconds
and opened his eyes to see Nick standing there in just his boxers. He looked up
and saw that Nick was staring at him.”Cole, do you think I look good?” Lolitas Dark Portal he asked.”Dude, I ain’t gay.” Cole responded.”I know..but I mean, I’m still single. I want me some action man.” Nick said.”I’m just as single as you are. And you have a right hand. Fucking jack off
dude. All guys do it.” Cole said, still looking at Nick.”I want sex. I’m tired of making myself cum. Dude…would you
maybe….help….me…out?” Nick stuttered.”Excuse me? What?” Cole spat out.”Dude, just help me out. Fuck me or something. Help me out.” Nick pleaded.Cole stood up Lolitas Dark Portal and walked over to Nick. Nick’s cock was almost hard and Cole
could see it.”Take your boxers off” Cole said.Nick took them off letting his almost hard 6″ come into view. Cole got behind
him and put his hand on his ass and then slid his finger between his cheeks,
feeling his tight hole. Nick’s cock responded, springing to full attention just
shy of 8″.”Oh, you like that, do you?” Cole asked.”Yeah, dude, please. I want something.” Nick said.Cole thought about the thing he could do while slowly pressing his index finger
against Nick’s tight hole. His other hand had found his cock, which was hard as
it had Lolitas Dark Portal
ever been, begging to be let out of the shorts and boxers. Cole slid his
hand down one side of his boxers and both fell to the floor. Cole stood behind
Nick, his shaved, hard 7.5″ cock beginning to drip pre cum. Nick looked back and
saw Cole was naked.”Dude, do something. Please. My cock is leaking just as much as yours.” Nick was
pleading now. Cole spun Nick around and pushed him to his knees.”Open your mouth and suck it.” He said.Nick did just that, letting Cole guide half of his cock into his mouth. Cole let
out a small moan and started to make small thrusts in and out of Nick’s mouth.
He could feel pre cum slowly oozing out of the tip of his cock as Nick gave him
a sloppy blow job.After a few minutes Cole pulled out, satisfied with how wet his cock was and
spun Nick back around. He positioned the head of his sloppy cock at the entrance
to Nick’s tight hole and lightly pushed, and then pushed a little more, and a
little more, causing Nick to moan.”Ready for this, bitch?” Cole asked.”Yeah, do it! Please!” Nick whined.Cole took a deep breath and without warning, gave one quick, strong thrust and
watched as his cock slid halfway into Nick’s tight ass.”Ohhhhhh fuck, dude.” Nick moaned.Cole continued to push in until his shaved cock was all the way in the tight
ass. He slowly pulled out before slamming right back in. He pulled all the way
out and then lined up and thrusted right back in.”Holy shit, Cole. MMmmmm fuck. Dude, just do it. Fuck me, Hard, HARD.” NIck
moaned.Cole needed no more encouragement and slammed into Nick’s ass. He grabbed Nick’s
waist and started to pound the teen rock star as hard as he could, feeling his
balls Lolitas Dark Portal bounce against the bottom of Nick’s ass.Meanwhile, Nick had his right hand wrapped around his cock and was furiously
jacking himself off, using his pre cum to lube his cock.”Oh my god, Cole. Yes, that feeling so damn good. Fuck me harder. Make me cum!”
Nick moaned, getting louder and louder.Cole started to slam in and out of Nick’s ass as fast as he could, starting to
sweat as he picked up his pace.”Cole, you’re gonna make me cum, dude. Finish me.” Nick said, barely being able
to talk through his moans.Cole pulled out one last time and then shoved his cock back into the tight hole
and Nick lost it, spraying his teen cum all over the floor. He watched as 5 and
then 6 and then 7 and finally an 8th rope of cum rocketed out of his cock and
onto the floor.Meanwhile, Nick’s ass clenched around Cole’s cock and sent Cole right over the
edge.”Oh shit, I’m gonna cum! Spin around, now!” He yelled. Nick spun around in time
for the first rope of cum to hit him square in the face and then the remaining 6
shots went into his open mouth. As Cole fired his lost shot, he shoved his cock
into Nick’s mouth and watched as the teen star sucked the remaining cum out of
his cock and cleaned it off.Cole pulled out and then looked as his cum slowly dripped down Nick’s cheek.”Nick, that was hot.” Cole said smiling.Nick got up and grabbed his boxers.”Dude, I totally needed that, thanks a bunch, I’m here for a few days, text me
if you feel the need to give me another load of cum.” Nick said.He put his boxers on followed by a pair of shorts and a shirt and walked out.
Cole looked down at the cum on the floor and the steamed mirror on the wall and
back at his cock, which was now semi hard again. He reached down and grabbed his
cock and slowly stroked it. In seconds it was once again solid as rock. He laid
down on the floor next to Nick’s load and closed his eyes, his cock firmly in
his right hand. He reached over and scooped up some of Nick’s load and put it on
his head and then spread it over his shaft.He closed his eyes, remembering how good the ass he just fucked was. He thought
of Nick moaning, stroking his cock faster and faster, feeling his second orgasm
pending. He opened his eyes briefly, Lolitas Dark Portal thinking about Nick and then looked at his
cock, covered in Nick’s cum and then lost it, again.”Oh fuck yes!” He moaned and shot his second load all over himself, this one
much smaller. He stood up and grabbed Nick’s boxers that were on the floor and
wiped the cum off his chest and abs and set in back in his chair. He grabbed his
boxers and shorts, sliding back into both and then grabbed a pen and paper from
the table in front of him.”Nick, thanks for everything. It was amazing. Here’s my number, text or call
whenever dude. Peace, Cole.”He put the note on Nick’s cum covered boxers and left the room and headed for
the guys on the basketball court.
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